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Being arrested for drunk driving or any other criminal offense can cause lasting effects on your future. At Marvel & Emche, P.A., we are known for providing aggressive representation to clients whose legal problems are directly impacting their lives. Tell us if you have been charged with a crime, were seriously injured in a car accident, or need advice on estate planning in Salisbury, Maryland. We also represent clients in the neighboring areas of Ocean City, Cambridge, and Princess Anne.

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Robert L. Marvel, Jr., Esq.

Attorney at Law

Robert L. Marvel has been practicing law for over 30 years. As one of the leading local legal professionals in Salisbury, Maryland, Robert understands the importance of community. He previously spent time in a clerkship at a local circuit court, giving him unique insight into the Maryland legal system. Robert is a trusted name in the legal field, and he even advises other attorneys from cities throughout the surrounding area.

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James Emche

Attorney at Law

For more than three decades, James Emche has been offering dedicated legal counsel to clients in need. Over the course of his career, he has become a steady rock in his Maryland community. James believes in providing his clients with realistic advice so they can make the most informed decisions. When your future is in question after a criminal charge or auto accident injury, James is ready to help you seek the results you deserve.


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We're Personally Invested

Unlike large city law firms, we emphasize the importance of allowing our clients' to have face-to-face meetings with their attorneys. We personally take the time to ensure you understand what is happening through every step of the process. Whether you have been in an auto accident or need traffic defense, we will be with you every step of the way.

We're Community Partners

We take pride in our years of local legal experience. We are the ones to call for assistance with workers' compensation and criminal defense in Salisbury, Maryland, and the surrounding cities. By making a point to be realistic about the possible outcomes of a case, we have earned a reputation for being a trustworthy resource for our clients.

Trustworthy Legal Guidance When You Need It

Being charged with a DUI or DWI can leave you with a permanent criminal record, as well as with other penalties such as jail time or a suspended license. It is essential to have a criminal defense lawyer who is personally invested in your case. Our attorneys at Marvel & Emche, P.A. are ready to work alongside you as you work to change your life for the better. We will aggressively defend your case, aiming for reduced charges and no jail time.

We are invested in every aspect of our client’s lives, striving to protect you and your estate even when you are no longer able to communicate your desires. By setting up trusts and creating a comprehensive will, you can dictate how your estate will be divided in the future and hopefully avoid costly probate proceedings. We can walk you through inheritance and estate taxes, and navigate all the legal matters to help processes run smoothly.

When you are injured in an auto accident, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for help. Navigating how to file an insurance claim, gathering all the evidence, and dealing with the at-fault party can seem like impossible tasks to tackle on your own. Luckily, you don't have to. Our attorneys work with you to help you make informed decisions. We're ready to be at your side throughout all legal proceedings, making your future our priority.

Whether you need representation for a workers' compensation case or a criminal defense lawyer, team up with our knowledgeable team at Marvel & Emche, P.A. Our local and experienced law firm has been a trustworthy part of the community since it began over twenty years ago. We proudly serve the people of Salisbury, Maryland, and the surrounding cities of Ocean City, Cambridge, and Princess Anne. Contact us today to set up a consultation.